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Our Uncompromising commitment to quality

Our Capital Markets team is on the ground in every region of the U.S., looking for well-respected sponsors with institutional-quality deals. They bring these opportunities to our Investments team, which puts both the sponsor and their deal through our review process to determine if they are a good fit for our Marketplace. Out of every 100 deals, approximately five make it to the Marketplace for investors to compare and review.

Evaluating the firm

We seek to work with reputable, high-quality partners. Each new sponsor is subject to the same, objective review process.

  1. Background check: Using industry-leading platforms, we conduct an in-depth background check on both the firm and principals.
  2. Track record review: We confirm the sponsor has successfully executed projects in the asset type they are looking to bring to the Marketplace.
  3. Sponsor designation: We organize sponsors into four unique categories based on their background and experience–Emerging, Seasoned, Tenured, and Enterprise.

Evaluating the asset

When reviewing each deal, our team asks four key questions:

  1. Is the project within a core competency of the sponsor?
  2. Do the materials demonstrate professionalism and conform to industry standards?
  3. Are the deal assumptions supported by market data?
  4. Does the project match our core investor preferences in terms of asset type, projected returns, and location?

Evaluating the deal materials

Our goal in reviewing the deal’s legal documents is to ensure there are no issues or discrepancies relating to the numbers and content between the documents and/or any conversations between Multifamily Equity partners and the sponsor.

  • Any issues will be raised with the sponsor prior to launch.
  • Our team provides direct feedback and suggestions to help the deal conform to our standards
  • Sponsors can either adjust the terms or documents or withdraw their deal for consideration.

Bringing institutional-quality deals to investors

Our team has relationships with some of the nation's most sophisticated sponsors, bringing dozens of potential deals to our Investments team for a more in-depth review every month. The Investments team puts each sponsor and their deal through our multi-stage, objective review process, looking for institutional-quality investment opportunities that meet the standards of our Marketplace. We pride ourselves on both the quantity and quality of our deal flow, giving investors the opportunity to build a diversified commercial real estate portfolio that meets their own investing criteria.

Multifamily Equity Partners

Multifamily Equity Partners LLC (the “Fund”) is a Private Equity Fund that Specializes in the Acquisition and Development of affordable green energy- and water-efficient Multifamily assets across south Florida.

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